Solo Flying has restarted today.

Dear everyone,

Today was our first opportunity to fly since lockdown, and we did!

Tomorrow we intend to fly also – Pete Treadaway will be on site to tow tomorrow, so we will operate under the same regimen as today– aerotow of self authorising pilots only, no buggies, no bus, a paper log  – could use the tug log as a record, with a note kept of soaring minutes in the club aircraft. No winch, sorry.

Bruno wants non instructor self authorisers to talk to an instructor before launching off.

Note that Bruno will be on site on Tuesday, especially for non self authorisers, and Sean will be driving the winch.

As Carole is furloughed, we can’t supply Glidex accounts, so please keep payments up to date by paying at the end of each flying day.

Payment needs to be made by BACs only. Account details have been sent out in an email to members.

Do read the glider cleaning routine in the pdf below, and please note the following general guidelines about how we should conduct ourselves with the threat of COVID still around…..

For you to come on the airfield, you and all of your household members should have been clear of COVID symptoms for fourteen days.

Keep 2 metres social distancing at all times.

If you sneeze or cough, catch it in a tissue.

Try not to touch your face, and wash hands regularly or use sanitiser if out on the field

Bring your own cleaning materials if you can, as we will have trouble obtaining these in a timely manner.

Please wear gloves when handling or flying a club aircraft.

Take any used materials, tissues etc away with you – please don’t put them in a communal bin.

The club house and bar are out of bounds.

Everyone should bring their own food and drink and not use the club house for either. 

Toilets should have maximum use of one person at a time. Please knock on the outer door and ask if anyone is in – if there is someone, wait outside the clubhouse until they come out and leave enough room for them to pass you with at least 2 metres distance.

It’s easy to forget about social distancing, and we should all be able to remind others without bad feeling.

Happy gliding!


SGC Chairman