Bookable Training at Weekends

“Bookable Training” Guidelines.

Any member may request one of four “bookable training” slots via the club office the before Weekend Bookings sheet is finalised. (typically noon on Friday).

The slots are Saturday and Sunday, morning and afternoon. Trainees should be attend 9.30am to be ready to fly by 10.00am on the morning slot, 1.00pm to be ready to fly 1.30pm on the afternoon slot.

The booking does not give the trainee exclusive access to the instructor for the morning or afternoon. It makes that trainee the instructor’s first priority, but the instructor may fly with other club members. It is rather like a “super pass” at a theme park – you don’t get the ride to yourself, but you can go to the head of the queue.

If the weather is flyable throughout the day, we aim to give each member with a bookable slot three winch launches, or equivalent, in the session. If the window for flying is reduced by weather conditions, the number of flights might be reduced, but members with bookable slots will have priority.

A member who has a bookable training slot may also fly in the other half of the day, but has to fit in with the flying list of other members wanting instructional flights, and air experience flights.

Members should not book slots on days when they are part of the duty crew. When you are part of the duty crew, getting other people flying is your priority.


SGC Chairman