Shenington Gliding Club

About US

Shenington Gliding Club is a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) which is run by the club members. As a voluntary operation, all members contribute helping to run the airfield on the days they come to fly and most take part in voluntary rotas to ensure that there is always a full team to run the airfield at weekends. Members include instructors, tug pilots, glider inspectors, repairers and they also look after much of our ground equipment. This voluntary work by club members keeps costs down and makes gliding affordable. If you join the club you will be asked to go onto a rota. As well as helping the club this also means that new members get to know the other members of the team and feel part of the club. Normally the team members have enough time to fly on their duty days

Our Airfield

Shenington Airfield was built during the Second World War as an Operational Training Unit for Wellington Bombers. Some of the early Whittle jet aircraft trials were also held at the airfield.

After the war, the airfield was used by the Coventry Gliding Club (now moved to Husbands Bosworth). In 1990 Shenington Gliding club was formed with 18 members.

Shenington Airfield is situated in one of the best gliding areas in the country. Away from the influence of coastal air which can dampen thermals, and largely free of restrictive airspace, pilots can fly to East Anglia, Wales and south toward Salisbury plain. Pilots have even flown from Shenington to North Yorkshire and  Devon and back.

Our Facilities
Visiting Clubs and Pilots

For visiting pilots Shenington Gliding Club has a fully equipped clubhouse with its own bar as well as a members’ kitchen. There are showers and toilets on site and in 2021 we will open our new shower block with more shower and toilet facilities. Primarily put in place to allow us to cater for up to 100 pilots and visitors during our regional competition, these facilities will ensure that any club expeditions will not be short of facilities. In addition to the clubhouse there is a separate briefing room and kitchen and dining room that are available to club expeditions that wish to self-cater.
There is ample space on site for caravans and tents for which there is a small charge.

Our Operation

During Summer Shenington Gliding Club operates seven days a week. At the weekends we are entirely run by volunteers but Monday to Friday we have a professional instructor and winch driver. Generally, there is always aerotow launching available but occasionally we send our tug out to help with other competitions (we borrow four tugs from other clubs for our own competition).

Our Fleet


Schleicher ASK-13. Built in Germany from 1966 to 1980. One of the best training gliders ever built and even today probaly a better basic training glider than our ASK 21


Our second K13 that has been with the club since 1993. Together with CCC these two K13s form the backbone of our basic training operation.


Schleicher ASK-21. First produced in 1980 and still in production the K21 is a more modern training glider with the performance to go cross country. XXI was completly refurbished in 2020


Schleicher ASK-8. Built in Germany from 1957 to 1976. A great first single seater which is easy to fly and great fun to fly. In 1968 a K8 made a 767km flight in the USA.

DHC-1 “Supermunk” G-BCSA

Our Tug Aircraft. Designed by de Havilland Canada, the Chipmunk first flew in 1946. In service with the RAF until 1996 and then modified with a larger 180hp engine to become the “Supermunk”. Still one of the best glider tugs available. Most of our tug pilots started flying gliders.

Skylaunch Twin Drum Winch

Our purpose built winch with a 5.7 litre V8 engine, able to accelerate a K13 from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds and launch to over a thousand feet in 30 seconds. A winch launch cost only £8 (£9 on weekdays) and keeps the costs of flying down . Ideal when you want to do lots of take offs and landings.