Every days flying on a course guarantees 8 flights per day (so on a 3 day course you are guaranteed 24 flights over the three days). Each winch launch counts as one flight but longer flights will count as more (10 minutes is the equivalent of one flight so a 30-minute flight will count as 3 flights). Longer courses work out cheaper and there is less chance on a longer course that your flying can be ruined by one bad day. There is also a better chance of having an excellent day and having long soaring flights.If you don’t get your guaranteed minimum of flights, you can rebook to come back on another day course or come and fly at the weekends for up to a year. Your membership will last until you use up all your flights or a year from the start of your course.

Gliding Courses


  • Guaranteed 8 flights (or equivalent) per day
  • 10 minutes = one flight
  • If you don’t get the minimum you can come back for up to a year until you do
  • Longer courses are better value and give more chance of a good day




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