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Edgehill Gliding Centre will be operating from Shenington Airfield from October 2021

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Trial Flights

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Gliding Courses

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We will fly anybody who has a voucher and we are running courses this summer.

Choose one of our 1 to 5 day gliding courses. Great as a holiday or a 5 day intensive experience. Gliding courses run midweek between March and October. You will get to learn how to control the glider and your fully qualified, professional instructor will work with you to progress at a comfortable rate. All vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase and will be posted 1st class during office opening hours

Trial Lessons

All of our trial lessons include four weeks of club membership. At £465 per year, this represents £35 value. During that time you can come back to fly at club rates during the week or (bookings permitted) mid-week. Like other club members, you will take your turn to fly but if you let the office know you are coming back, the duty team members will look out for you and make you feel welcomed. 

Please note that we are not selling Trial Lessons at the moment (see Trial Flights above).

All Vouchers are Valid for 12 months from date of purchase and will be posted 1st Class during office opening hours


Like our Trial Lessons, each of our courses includes two months membership so that you can come back and fly at club rates. You will be flying with up to two other students helping each other out to maximise the flying. As well as learning to fly you will learn how to handle the aircraft on the ground, learn how to launch and retrieve gliders and all the skills needed to be a full participant in the sport of gliding.

Every days flying on a course guarantees 8 flights per day (so on a 3 day course you are guaranteed 24 flights over the three days).

Each winch launch counts as one flight but longer flights will count as more (10 minutes is the equivalent of one flight so a 30-minute flight will count as 3 flights). Longer courses work out cheaper and there is less chance on a longer course that your flying can be ruined by one bad day. There is also a better chance of having an excellent day and having long soaring flights.

If you don’t get your guaranteed minimum of flights, you can rebook to come back on another day course or come and fly at the weekends for up to a year. Your membership will last until you use up all your flights or a year from the start of your course.

You may of course get more flights than the minimum.